Written Sunday, November 21, 2004

ALRIGHT!!! I’ve finally done it! Last week, I moved into an AWESOME apartment in the North End in Boston. Anyone from here or who knows the city will tell you that it could not be more in the middle of the action!! Just my style!! I can’t even begin to express how happy I am with living here. Along with a perfect location for restaurants, bars, etc, it now only takes me 20 min. to get to work. That’s a VERY welcome change from the 1-1.5 hours it took me from Newton. Newton is a nice area and everything, but WAY too domestic for me. No action...I mean, the streets are empty at 9:00p.m. out there. I prefer the city action over that...plus it wasn't accessible to many other things (particularly, the store/pharmacy/etc.) Of course, if I had a car, it would have been a different story all together...but since that wasn't the case, it was difficult to live out there. I mean, things were going pretty well here for me...work was great and everything, and I wasn't really sad...but I wasn't really having any fun either. I mean, I've been here for awhile, but I haven't really gotten to enjoy the city thoroughly yet...and that had everything to do with where I was living. I feel like now I'm in this situation where I'm right in the middle of everything...which might be very dangerous. I really don't want to start wasting money left and right, and I don't think it will happen, BUT, I don't want to be sitting at home every night either. I guess there will be a happy medium somewhere in there. I suppose the weather will help in curbing my extracurricular activities...it snowed last week! I think I might have mentioned that before...it's all melted now though. I am looking forward to having a white Xmas though! Brazil was great for many things, but there was ZERO Christmas spirit there and I hated that.

Anyway, I have a roommate whose name is Charles and he’s really cool. He’s from NYC and is a hairdresser and part owner of a salon. Yep, go ahead and make the logical jump on that one...(not that there’s anything wrong with that!) We’ve gotten along really well so far and he’s a good guy. He’s not quite as open or vocal as I am (few are) which was something that bothered me at first...atleast until my buddy Geoff from work reminded me that I’m on the East Coast, and people don’t become your best friend from the second you meet them. It’s true...even over the past week, Charles has slowly been opening up a little. My roommate Dani in BA was similar in that respect, so I guess that’s okay. I think we’ll become good friends.

I guess more than anything, I’m happy that I’m now independent. I really was feeling like I was imposing on Dave and Carla too much and that was getting hard for me to deal with. Luckily, they were pretty understanding. I mean, if you look at what I’ve done, it’s not bad for only being in Boston for just over two months. I’ve got a GREAT job and a cool apartment...I’m learning pretty well how to live here and I even got to see the Red Sox win the World Series! I feel like my life just sort of turned another corner and I’m excited about what lies ahead and to see how I’ll like living here. Stay tuned...


Here's a picture of me and my new roomate, Charles


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