Current Date: Sunday, April 3, 2005 (Boston)

Hello everyone-

Ahhhhhh, back at the keyboard once again. Yeah, it’s been awhile...I think the phrase is: “Gone, but not forgotten.” Well, I figured it was time to appear from the realm of the forgotten, just for any of you who thought you’d escaped the wrath of my e-mails. I’m still in Boston for those who didn’t know and things here have been great...especially the past month or so. As predicted, I struggled a bit with the weather throughout the winter...we had a January snow storm that brought us about 30 in. (75 cm.) of snow!!! It was one of the biggest storms in Boston history, and trust me, that’s saying something. Anyway, I certainly went through a case of the winter blues, but now we’re on the verge of spring and things are looking good. Everything at work is great...I still can’t believe how lucky I was to end up incredible place and I’m doing great things that are keeping my passion and fire for science burning brightly.

I’ve been lucky to have many visitors over the past couple months, including my friend Carole in February (pics are up on the website: and my brother came out a couple weeks ago. The highlight of 2005 so far though, was a 10 day trip to Central America that I did at the beginning of March, which was highlighted by a hike of an active volcano in Guatemala. Very good times. I went down to El Salvador for my friend Karina’s wedding and then spent a little time back in the backpacking world. Please go and check out the pictures and journals in “The Voyages” section on my website (I’m still retyping journals, but some are already up). There are some really good shots.

I’ve also added a lot of pictures to the Boston section, including a great NYC trip for New Year’s. I’ve been down to NYC like 6 times since I got here. Without question, the best part about being home has been spending so much time with Mike and getting to see Duane and being able to talk to all my friends whenever I want. I just love it. I still hope to make a trip down to Brazil/Argentina sometime this summer though. I miss my friends and life down there so much that I think I'll need the trip to keep my sanity. I've still been in constant contact with a lot of people down there, and I dearly miss the stress free life of a traveler. Despite that, I’m still very happy to be where I am in Boston. I’m seriously looking forward to the summer months and getting a chance to spend some time outdoors. There are a million great places for hiking around here and I plan to take full advantage of that. Hopefully I’ll also be able to make a few small domestic let that be a warning to never know when I might turn up on your doorstep.

Anyway, that’s it for the moment...things are on a relative cruise control for now and everything is falling into place pretty much perfectly. I’m poised for a great spring/summer here in Red Sox nation. Best wishes to everyone out there...hope life is treatin’ you right, wherever you are in the world. Until next time...



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