In September 2004, upon my return from My Quest in South America, I moved to Boston. Below are pictures and stories from my adventures on the East Coast.


Dates Journals
Aug. 22-26 The flight back to Miami and a few days in Florida
Aug. 26-31 The Return to Houston--some shocking news
Sep. 7 Arriving in Boston
Sep. 10 PICTURES: Florida, Houston, Chicago, New York

Boston 2005

Dates Journals/Pictures
Oct. 2-3 PICTURES: Tony and Erika Visit, Hiking Mt. Monadnock
Oct. 8-10 PICTURES: Weekend in Connecticut
Oct. 18 I'm employed!!!
Nov. 8 The Verdict is in-I'm staying in Boston
Nov. 21 Got an apartment!!
Nov. 23 e-mail update from Boston
Nov. 18-Dec. 9 PICTURES: Boston, NYC trip, Karina and Mario visit 
Dec. 25-31 PICTURES: New Year's in NYC
Jan. 2 Another great New Year
Feb. 13-19 PICTURES: Carole visits, NYC trip 
Mar. 15-20 PICTURES: Duane and Mike Visit
Apr. 3 April update from Boston
Apr. 18 PICTURES: Boston Marathon
Jun. 3 PICTURES: Harpoon Fest
Jul. 19 PICTURES: Boston Duck Tour
Jul. 24-Aug. 27 PICTURES: Partying in Boston
Aug. 13 PICTURES: Work Summer Outing
Oct. 21 PICTURES: Asgard TGIF
Oct. 29-Nov. 5 PICTURES: My Place, Sabbabas, Lyle Visits, Bar hopping
Dec. 3-9 PICTURES: Patricia Visits, Ray Visits
Dec. 26 PICTURES: Check out Louie, our new dog!!

Boston 2006

Dates Journals/Pictures
Jan. 6 PICTURES: Asgard and Middlesex--Brian K. finally pays his debt
Jan. 13 PICTURES: Party at Kim and Dan's
Jan. 14 PICTURES: Work Post-Holiday Party
Jan. 27 PICTURES: Asgard and Turn-ta-Bill at the Cantab Lounge
Mar. 16-19 PICTURES: March Madness Kickoff 2006
Mar. 24-25 PICTURES: Monica's Birthday
Apr. 09 PICTURES: Doyle's 5 Mile Road Race 2006
Apr. 17 PICTURES: Marathon Monday!
Apr. 22 PICTURES: Carlos Visits
Apr. 29 PICTURES: Hiking in the Middlesex Fells
May. 20 PICTURES: Hiking Mt. Monadnoch (again)
May. 20 PICTURES: Gavin's Party
May. 28 PICTURES: Dave and Pat's Memorial Day BBQ
June 17 PICTURES: World Cup--Italy vs. USA
June 24-25 PICTURES: Muddy Buddy!!
July 09 PICTURES: Italy wins the World Cup--Partying in the North End
July 15 PICTURES: Red Sox Game
July 29 PICTURES: Partying at Club 33
Aug. 5 PICTURES: Pan-Mass Challenge
Aug. 5 PICTURES: My 30th B-day Party
Aug. 19-20 PICTURES: Hiking Mt. Washington
Nov. 18-Dec. 3 PICTURES: Paul's B-day at Canal St, Izzy's Party
Dec. 09 PICTURES: Party at Kim and Dan's II

Boston 2007

Dates Journals/Pictures
Jan. 20 PICTURES: Work Post-Holiday Party
Feb. 17 PICTURES: The Burren
Mar. 31 PICTURES: Eduardo's Birthday
Apr. 22 PICTURES: Doyle's 5 Mile Road Race 2007
May 05 PICTURES: Party at Kim and Dan's
May 15 PICTURES: Red Sox Game
Jun. 10-16 PICTURES: Partying in Boston: 28 Degrees
Jun. 21 PICTURES: PMC Fundraiser at The Asgard Pub
Jul. 15 PICTURES: Boat Cruise in Boston Harbor
Jul. 17-27 PICTURES: Jackie's Birthday and Up on My Roof
Aug. 04 PICTURES: Pan Mass Challenge 2007
Sep. 22 PICTURES: Sarah and Todd's Wedding

Boston 2008

Dates Journals/Pictures
Jan. 19 PICTURES: Work Post-Holiday Party
Jan. 26 PICTURES: Farewell Pub-Crawl

The Boston Chapter of my life has came to an end on Feb 1, 2008. I left for Central America and continued on my Quest to see the world!