My "New" Car

After my clutch went down on my old car it was the last straw ina string of was time to search for something new. Two months later, after searching all over the place...I finally found a new ride...on E-Bay of all places!!! The auction was that of a dealer here in Houston that auctions some of their cars off on e-bay. The guys at Preferred Motors were very helpful/professional. The car was in perfect shape and still has given me NO problems (as of July 2002). It is a 1996 Nissan Sentra GLE that is fully loaded (my first car with automatic locks/windows!!!) It even has a sunroof!! The best part...I only paid $4350!!!

Here it is in it's full glory!!!


The car and it's proud new owner!!


Another good one...hmmm, it seems to be a lot cleaner in this picture than it is now!

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