Karina's Birthday Party

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Here's the beautiful birthday girl!!

Celina from Monterrey snaps a pic with Tony

Angel doubled as host and DJ

Bruna makes her debut on the Chronicles!!! What took me so long to get a picture of her!!??

This is my "game show host" smile

If there is a party, Nicole is there!!

No these aren't the chaperones...it's Karina's dad and Angel's mom.

Laura gets surprised by the camera.

Jose, who is visiting us from Spain, chats it up with Bruna and Nicole

Aren't these ladies lovely?

Hey girls, what's going on back there?

Carla and Rodrigo gaze into each others eyes

"Come and get it!"

It was just past the one year anniversary of us meeting Bruna

Alright Tony, that's enough Bruna time for you

Karina's dad is a master with the ladies!!

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