Nadia and Eduardo Visit Houston

Captions written by Tony C
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Adrian picked Nadia up from the airport!

What's the first thing Nadia does when she gets to my house? Grabs a beer! It's great to see a girl that drinks beer and enjoys it! There is an entire shelf of liquor right behind her and she goes for the Bud Light!

This girl could make anyone want to play pool!

Nadia and Adrian in my kitchen. Adrian picked her up at the airport, then they chilled and played pool until I finished working.

Nadia learns a new word to tell her friends back in Monterrey: KEGERATOR!

A shot of Nadia in Cotti's car as they are driving from my house to Ruggle's. One of the Latin groups that organizes parties around town reserved this place out.

Eduardo is loving it already as he snuggles his way between Nicole and Katie. Katie is Nicole's friend from high school, a new player to the game that has not yet been proven!

Nadia and Eduardo at Ruggle's in the Galleria. We had never been there before but something told me it was going to be a good night!

A good shot of everyone, except me, at Ruggle's in Sak's 5th Avenue! Adrian, Nicole, Eduardo, Ana, Nadia, and a sliver of my face. The DJ they reserved for this party played a perfect mix of latin, techno, trance, and hip hop.

After a long night of partying, we woke up at 7:30AM to drive to the Guadalupe River. Hydration was a key factor to another long day ahead. If you look really close, you can see my head in the corn field.

Now you can see me! It was a long but worthwhile trip to New Braunfels!

Here is a sober group shot in the parking lot before we hit the river: Martha, Carmen, Jason, Garret, Adrian, Luciana, Doug, Nadia, Eduardo, & Tony.

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