On January 30th, 2003 I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime!! I decided that it was time for me to follow my passion and pursue a life dream. Here you will find a daily Journal and pictures of the people/places I visit along the way.

Here is a Letter Explaining Why I did it


Dates Journals/Pictures
Jan. 20 Goodbye Houston
Jan. 20-21 Back home, Chicago, and Bridget
Jan. 22-24 Madison to visit Duane
Jan. 25-26 Family Going Away Party and the Superbowl
Jan. 27-30 The Final Days
Jan. 30 PICTURES: Jan. 20-Jan. 30

Part I: On the Move in Brazil

Here is a small map of Brazil

Here is a larger map of Brazil that shows my path
(Last updated: Mar. 12, 2004)

Dates Journals/Pictures
Jan. 30 Finally on the plane, arriving in Sao Paulo
Jan. 31-Feb. 1 The first two fun-filled nights in Sao Paulo
Feb. 2-4 The Soccer game, Met Luciana's brother, off to Paraty
Feb. 5-6 Finding paradise at the praia do Sono, an incredible night in Trindade
Feb. 7-10 BUZIOS!!
Feb. 11-13 Rio!!!
Feb. 12 PICTURES: Jan. 30-Feb. 12
Feb. 14-15 Finding my way in Guarapari
Feb. 16-18 On to Porto Seguro, the Swedes, y la luna
Feb. 19-22 In Salvador with Paula, Growing some roots
Feb. 23-26 One big family in Morro de Sao Paulo
Feb. 27-Mar 4 CARNAVAL!!!
Mar. 5-7 Recife I: Carnaval Recovery, Capoeira with Lars, and being #3
Mar. 8-9 Recife II--hanging with friends of Doug and Luciana
Mar. 10-11 An underwater adventure in Porto De Gallinas
Mar. 11-14 Pipa and the So Easy Bar
Mar. 15 PICTURES: Feb. 14-Mar. 14
Mar. 15-20 Natal--new friends from SP
Mar. 21-23 The crazy Norwegians and Jericoacoara
Mar. 24-27 The Detour: Paranaiba, Tutoia, and the AMAZING dunes!
Mar. 28 PICTURES: Mar. 15-28
Mar. 28-31 Sao Luis
Apr. 1-4 Belem--Preparing for an Amazon Adventure
Apr. 4-11 Belem to Manaus by boat down the Amazon River
Apr. 11-15 In the jungle at "Camp Gerry"
Apr. 15 PICTURES: Going down the Amazon
Apr. 16-22 At Juliano's in Brasilia
Apr. 23-25 A few Crazy Nights in Belo Horizonte with Billy and Bernardo
Apr. 26-28 Belo Horizonte II and Ouro Preto
Apr. 28 PICTURES: Apr. 16-28
Apr. 29-May 5 At Raquel's in Pouso Alegre
May 5 PICTURES: Apr. 29-May 7
May 6-13 Back in SP

Part II: Living in Sao Paulo

Dates Journals/Pictures
May 24 PICTURES: Show Bar, Marcenaria, Sunny's Visit
June 8 PICTURES: Marcenaria, Roger's Party
June 22 PICTURES: June 19-22
July 6 PICTURES: Show Bar, Guaruja
July 14 PICTURES: Itapecerica, Pete's Visit, Urbano
Aug. 6 Update on life in SP
Aug. 17 PICTURES: Monte Cristo, Crable's Visit
Aug. 23 PICTURES: Cristina's Birthday Party
Aug. 30 PICTURES: Maresias
Sep. 10 PICTURES: Marcenaria: Paula's Birthday
Oct. 4 Life in SP and at the Oxford Street
Oct. 5 Favorites, Bests, Worsts and Quotes
Oct. 8 What's it like to live in SP: 4reasons why SP is like an 80's version of the USA
Oct. 8 PICTURES: Salamandra and Na Mata
Oct. 26 PICTURES: Juquehy: Karl's Birthday
Nov. 29 PICTURES: Benedito Carlixto Fair
Dec. 11 PICTURES: Nanci's Birthday Party
Dec. 17 Update: Some crazy SP stories and my new family
Dec. 20-22 Back on the road: Curitiba
Dec. 23-25 A day to chill in Morretes and Christmas on Ilha do Mel
Dec. 25 PICTURES: Curitiba, Morretes, Ilha do Mel
Dec. 25-Jan 3 The Best New Years Ever
Jan. 3 Looking back on 2003
Jan. 18 PICTURES: Bassa, Bertioga
Feb. 12 PICTURES: Urbano, Cathe's B-day at Amp Galaxy
Feb. 14 D-Day: Time to Move on
Feb. 18 PICTURES: My apartment, My Students, and the Neighborhood
Mar. 9 PICTURES: My Final Week in SP

Part III: Argentina

Here is a small map of Argentina

Here is a larger map of Argentina that shows my path
(Last updated: April 22, 2004)

Dates Journals/Pictures
Mar. 9-12 Goodbye Brazil--Iguazu falls and Sneaking across the border
Mar. 12-15 The trek to Peligrini--Welcome back to life on the road
Mar. 16-20 Esteros de Ibera and Rosario
Mar. 20 PICTURES: Iguazu and Esteros de Ibera
Mar. 21-25 New Friends and Old ones in Buenos Aires
Mar. 25 PICTURES: Buenos Aires
Mar. 26-30 Mar del Plata and Necochea
Mar. 31-Apr. 2 The tiny town of Tornquinst and hiking Cerro de la Ventana
Apr. 2 PICTURES: Mar Del Plata, Necochea and Cerro de la Ventana
Apr. 6 PICTURES: Buenos Aires Nightlife
Apr. 6-9 Life in the Tango City Hostel
Apr. 12-20 Challenges of a new city and finding an apartment in BA
May 31 May update on life in BA
May 31 PICTURES: Apr. 7-May 8
June 22 June update from BA: Some frustrations and my "plan" for the future
June 25 PICTURES: May 29-June 25
July 27 July update from BA: Heading back to the USA
July 27 PICTURES: Shamrock, Museum, Vodoo, Valderrama
Aug. 15 PICTURES: Hostel Clan, My Birthday, Podesta
Aug. 20 August update from BA
Aug. 20 Sao Paulo vs. Buenos Aires...a breakdown
Aug 22 Going home...final thoughts, thanks, and quotes
Aug. 15 PICTURES: My last week

I've returned to the USA and I'm now living in Boston!!!