On February 12, 2008 my Quest to see the world continued on, beginning in Cancun Mexico. This time there was a new added twist; my girlfriend Jodi joined me and we decided to try to see the world together. Here you will find a daily Journal and pictures of the people/places we visited along the way.

Here is an interactive Google Map that shows our path.

Click Here to see all the videos we took on the trip.

Note: If you want a different (and shorter!) perspective, you can find Jodi's blog here.


Dates Journals/Pictures
Introduction INTRODUCTION: The Adventure Continues
Feb. 1 Goodbye Boston
Feb. 2-3 A Bloomington/Normal Reunion and 18-1
Feb. 4-6 Wrapping things up in NYC
Feb. 6-12 Houston
Feb. 12 PICTURES: Farewell Tour: NYC and Houston

Part I:

Mexico and Belize

Dates Journals/Pictures
Feb. 12-14 A rough start and decompressing in Cancun
Feb. 15-17 Picking up the pace in Playa del Carmen and a great day at Tulum
Feb. 12-17 PICTURES: Cancun and Playa del Carmen
Feb. 16 PICTURES: Tulum
Feb. 18-20 Chichen Itza and Rio Lagartos--I owe it all to Sunscreen!
Feb. 18 PICTURES: Chichen Itza
Feb. 20 PICTURES: Rio Lagartos Boat Trip
Feb. 21-23 On to Isla Holbox
Feb. 23 PICTURES: Isla Holbox, Mexico
Feb. 24-27 Good times at Poc-Na on Isla Mujeres
Feb. 27 PICTURES: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Feb. 28-Mar 3 Cozumel: Hanging out with Karl and content once again!
Mar. 3 PICTURES: Cozumel, Mexico
Mar. 2-6 Back in Tulum--The awesome Cenotes!
Mar. 6 PICTURES: The Cenotes and Tulum, Mexico
Mar. 6-10 Soggy times in San Pedro, Belize
Mar. 10 PICTURES: San Pedro, Belize
Mar. 10-14 Learning to Dive in Caye Caulker, Belize
Mar. 15-18 Windy times in Caye Caulker, Belize
Mar. 17 PICTURES: Caye Caulker, Belize
Mar. 18 PICTURES: Underwater Scuba Pictures from Spanish Bay Dive!!
Mar. 18-21 Life without a plan in Dangriga
Mar. 22-23 Finding a Hidden Gem in the Cockscomb Basin Wild Life Sactuary, Belize
Mar. 23 PICTURES: Hiking in Cockscomb
Mar. 23-25 The River Trip to Lamanai
Mar. 25 PICTURES: Lamanai
Mar. 26-30 Belize City, Bermudia Landing, and Monkey Bay Wild Life Sactuary, Belize
Mar. 26 PICTURES: Belize Zoo
Mar. 27 PICTURES: Bermudian Landing "Baboon" Sanctuary
Mar. 31-Apr. 04 The great ATM tour and Cahalpech, Belize
Apr. 01 PICTURES: Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Tour
Apr. 03 PICTURES: Cahalpech Ruins

Part II:

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras

Dates Journals/Pictures
Apr. 04-07 Partying with Nick and Tracy in Flores and the Sunrise tour of the Tikal Ruins
Apr. 04-05 PICTURES: Flores Guatemala
Apr. 05 PICTURES: Sunrise Tour at Tikal Ruins
Apr. 08-12 Semuc Champey and Coban, Guatemala
Apr. 08-11 PICTURES: The Ride To Lanquin
Apr. 09 PICTURES: Semuc Champey
Apr. 09 PICTURES: Lanquins Caves
Apr. 13-19 Antigua, Guatemala
Apr. 16 PICTURES: Hiking Volcan Pacaya
Apr. 17-19 PICTURES: Antigua, Guatemala
Apr. 20-21 Lago Atitlan: Panajachel, Guatemala
Apr. 22-27 Lago Atitlan: San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala
Apr. 20-27 PICTURES: Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Apr. 28-30 San Salvador
Apr. 29-30 PICTURES: San Salvador
May 01-03 San Pedro Sula, Copan Ruins, and La Ceiba
May 02 PICTURES: Copan Ruins
May 4-9 Roatan, Honduras
May 3-6 PICTURES: Roatan, Honduras
May 10-16 Utila, Honduras
May 15 PICTURES: Underwater Scuba Photos!
May 10-16 PICTURES: Utila, Honduras

Part III:

Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

Dates Journals/Pictures
May 17-20 Granada, Nicaragua
May 21-23 Good times with the Swedes at the Monkey Hut
May 18-23 PICTURES: Granada and the Monkey Hut
May 24-27 Waiting for Gavin in Rivas and on to Isla Ometepe
May 27 PICTURES: Isla Ometepe
May 28-30 Waiting out Tropical Storm Alma and learning to surf in San Juan Del Sur
May 30 PICTURES: San Juan Del Sur
May 31-Jun. 04 Nicoya Penninsula--Playa del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Panama, Samara, Carrillo, Guiones, Nosara and Tamarindo
Jun. 01-03 PICTURES: The Nicoya Penninsula, Costa Rica
Jun. 05-07 La Fortuna, Volcano Arenal, and the Baldi Hot Springs
Jun. 04-08 PICTURES: Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica
Jun. 08-09 Santa Elena Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Jun. 09 PICTURES: Santa Elena Cloud Forest
Jun. 10-12 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Jun. 13-19 Bocas del Toro, Panama
Jun. 16 PICTURES: Starfish Beach, Bocas del Toro
Jun. 15-19 PICTURES: Bocas del Toro
Jun. 20-July 27 Boquete, Panama
Jun. 21-23 PICTURES: Paradise Gardens Tour
Jun. 25-Jul 05 PICTURES: Boquete--Alison's B-day, Dayle's B-day
Jul. 07-Jul 12 PICTURES: Boquete--Partying at La Cabana
Jul. 15-Jul 21 PICTURES: Hiking and driving near Boquete
Jul. 22 PICTURES: Hiking and the Howler Monkeys in Chorcha
Jul. 24 PICTURES: Boquete--Cafe Ruiz Coffee Tour
Jul. 26 PICTURES: Boquete--Horse Back Riding in Caldera
Jul. 26 PICTURES: Final Night in Boquete at Ted and Jenny's and La Cabana
Jul. 01-27 PICTURES: Working at Paradise Gardens
Jul. 01-27 VIDEOS of the Animals at Paradise Gardens
Jul. 27-Aug. 2 Santa Catalina and Isla Coiba, Panama
Aug. 3-7 Bank trouble in Las Tablas and on to Pedasi
Jul. 29-Aug 09 PICTURES: Santa Catalina and the Azuero Peninsula
Aug. 08-11 Playa Venao, Tonosi, and the Turtles on Isla Canas
Jul. 29-Aug 09 PICTURES: The Turtles on Isla Canas
Aug. 12-13 Back in the mountains in El Valle, Panama
Aug. 12-13 PICTURES: Hiking in El Valle
Aug. 14-Sep. 03 Panama City, Panama
Aug. 14-23 PICTURES: Panama City
Aug. 24 PICTURES: Gamboa
Aug. 28 PICTURES: Isla Taboga
Sept. 01-08 Sailing from Panama to Colombia on the Melody
Sept. 01-08 PICTURES: The Sailing Trip to Cartagena

Part IV:

Colombia, Ecuador

Dates Journals/Pictures
Sept. 08-12 Good times in Beautiful Cartagena
Sept. 10 PICTURES: Cartagena
Sept. 11 PICTURES: The Mud Volcano, "Tutomo"
Sept. 13-18 Trek to the Lost City
Sept. 13 PICTURES: Lost City Trek Day 1
Sept. 14 PICTURES: Lost City Trek Day 2
Sept. 15 PICTURES: Lost City Trek Day 3 Pt. I
Sept. 15 PICTURES: Lost City Trek Day 3 Pt. II
Sept. 16 PICTURES: Lost City Trek Day 4
Sept. 17-18 PICTURES: Lost City Trek Day 5 and 6
Sept. 19-24 Catching up in Taganga and one last trip to Paradise in Tayrona
Sept. 19-24 PICTURES: Taganga and Tayrona
Sept. 24-28 San Gil, a Rafting and Bungee Adventure
Sept. 24-26 PICTURES: Bungee Jumping in San Gil
Sept. 26-28 PICTURES: Paragliding and the San Gil Botanical Gardens
Sept. 29-30 Villa de Leyva
Sept. 29-30 PICTURES: Villa de Leyva
Oct. 01-07 Bogota summary
Oct. 04 PICTURES: Bogota
Oct. 07 PICTURES: The Salt Cathedral and Montserrat
Oct. 08-14 Manizales, Salento and Medellin Summary
Oct. 08-09 PICTURES: Manizales and Salento
Oct. 10 PICTURES: Valle de Cocora
Oct. 14 PICTURES: Medellin and Guatape
Oct. 15-21 Cali, Popayan and Sanctuario Las Lajas Summary
Oct. 18 PICTURES: Popayan and Getting Tattoos
Oct. 21 PICTURES: Sanctuario Las Lajas
Oct. 22-24 Jodi's Mom visits us in Quito
Oct. 20-21 PICTURES: Jodi and Her Mom in Quito and Banos
Oct. 23 PICTURES: Quito and La Mitad del Mundo
Oct. 24 PICTURES: Quito: The Old Town and Basilica
Oct. 25-29 Otavalo
Oct. 29 PICTURES: Otavalo, Laguna San Pablo
Oct. 30 A Day with an Indian Family in Tunibamba
Oct. 30 PICTURES: A Day with an Indian Family in Tunibamba
Oct. 30 PICTURES: Laguna Coicocha and Apuela
Nov. 04-05 Watching history in Apuela
Nov. 06-07 Back in Otavalo: hiking Fuya Fuya
Nov. 07 PICTURES: Lake Mojanda/Fuya Fuya Hike
Nov. 08-09 Quito again
Nov. 10-16 Banos
Nov. 11 PICTURES: Waterfall tour in Banos
Nov. 12 PICTURES: Whitewater Rafting in Banos
Nov. 12 PICTURES: Partying in Banos
Nov. 16 PICTURES: On Motorcycles in Banos
Nov. 17-21 Tena and the Amazon Jungle Trip
Nov. 20 PICTURES: Trip to the Amazon
Nov. 22-24 Riobamba and Laguna Quilatoa
Nov. 24 PICTURES: Crater Lake, Laguna Quilatoa
Nov. 25-28 Puerto Lopez and Isla Plata
Nov. 27 PICTURES: Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Nov. 28 PICTURES: Isla Plata, Ecuador
Nov. 29-Dec 02 Montanita
Dec. 1 PICTURES: Montanita, Ecuador
Dec. 03-04 Cuenca
Dec. 4 PICTURES: Cuenca, Ecuador

Part V:

Peru and Chile

Dates Journals/Pictures
Dec. 06-09 Mancora
Dec. 09 PICTURES: Mancora, Peru
Dec. 10-14 Huanchaco
Dec. 12 PICTURES: Chan Chan Ruins
Dec. 14 PICTURES: Huanchaco
Dec. 15-18 Huaraz
Dec. 16 PICTURES: Lago Churup Hike
Dec. 18 PICTURES: Laguna Llanganuco
Dec. 19-20 Party at Patrik's in Lima
Dec. 19 PICTURES: Party at Patrik's in Lima
Dec. 21-29 Cusco and Machu Picchu
Dec. 23 PICTURES: Ollataytambo
Dec. 24 PICTURES: Machu Picchu
Dec. 24 PICTURES: Xmas Eve in Aguas Calientes
Dec. 30-Jan 03 Back to Lima for New Year's
Dec. 31 PICTURES: New Year's Eve in Lima
Jan. 03-05 Huacachina
Jan. 05 PICTURES: Sandboarding in Huacachina
Jan 06-13 Arequipa
Jan. 13 PICTURES: Colca Canyon and Arequipa
Jan 13-15 Arica, Chile
Jan. 15 PICTURES: Arica, Chile
Jan 16-17 Good times in San Pedro de Atacama
Jan. 17 PICTURES: Atacama Desert, Chile
Jan 26 "What's next?", Favorites, Bests, Worsts and a few numbers
Jan 26 Final thoughts and Thanks