South America

On January 31st, 2002 I embarked on just my second journey to another continent. As expected it was the trip of a lifetime!! Here you will find a daily Journal and pictures of the people/places I visited.

Click HERE to see an annotated, short version of the PICTURES from the trip. More photos can be found below.

Click here to read the e-mails that I sent to friends/family while I was down there. This is a good summary of my trip, but by no means as comprehensive as the journals below. (Click here to Download a Word Document of the e-mails)

Dates Journals
Jan. 31-Feb 1 The Departure and the so-called INTERNATIONAL airport
Feb 1-2 The Arrival in Buenos Aires...the night I was almost mugged
Feb 2 The Soccer Game and Penelope Cruz
Feb 3-4 Last night in Buenos Aires and the Buquebus
Feb 4 Arriving in Uraguay, Napoleon, and Moby Dick
Feb 5 6 Strangers in Uraguay
Feb 6 Last night in Punta Del Este
Feb 7-8 Sammy the tool and Iguazu Falls
Feb 8 PICTURES: Buenos Aires, Uraguay, and Iguazu
Feb 9 (part 1) Tony arrives!!!! The Wal-Mart and the drive to Rio
Feb 9 (part 2) Back with Johanna!!!! First night in Rio and The Guapo Loco
Feb 10 Corcovado and the Scala party
Feb 11-12 The beach in Rio and the Sambodromo. Johanna goes home:(
Feb 12 On to Buzios: A Brazilian Paradise!!
Feb 13 The Boat Tour, the Israelis and the girls from Sao Paulo!
Feb 14 An amazing day and night in Buzios
Feb 15 Off to Sao Paulo...A driver's nightmare! A night in Vila Madelena and Pinhieros
Feb 16 A tour of the city and "The Show Bar"
Feb 17 Holly and the awesome locals
Feb 18 Some time to reflect
Feb 19 A tour of Sao Paulo and a final night on the town
Feb 20-21 Goodbye to Holly, off to Florianapolis, The Banco Do Brasil and a wild night at Cafe Cancun
Feb 22 A man and his angels, a great day at the beach
Feb 23-24 A quieter beach...back to Sao Paulo, A day with Luis, Adi, and the final hours
Feb. 27 My Final Thoughts
Feb 8 PICTURES: Rio, Buzios, Florianapolis

One year later I went back to South America where I lived and traveled for 1.5 years. Click here to read stories and see pictures from The Quest.

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