In September of 2005, I made my first return to South America since The Quest. Needless to say, Colombia did not dissappoint. The trip began with a few days in Bogota, where I attended Tony and Erika's wedding. After that, I did a whirlwind week of partying and adventure which began in Manizales, where I climbed the Volcano San Luis up to 15,000 feet. From there it was on to Medellin where I got my first chance to go paragliding, and finally I spent a few days in Cartagena on the Carribean coast. Below you'll find pictures and journals

Dates Journals
Sep. 1 Prologue: A pit stop to see Steve in Ft. Lauderdale
Sep. 1-3 Bogota
Sep. 1-2 PICTURES: Bogota
Sep. 3 PICTURES: Cathedral de Sal, Guatavita, Bogota Partying
Sep. 4 Tony and Erika's wedding
Sep. 4 PICTURES: Tony and Erika's Wedding
Sep. 5-6 Off to Manizales, Hiking to 15000 feet!!!
Sep. 6 PICTURES: Hiking Nevado del Luis Part I
Sep. 6 PICTURES: Hiking Nevado del Luis Part II
Sep. 7-8 Partying and Paragliding in Medellin
Sep. 8 PICTURES: Paragliding in Medellin
Sep. 8-10 Cartagena
Sep. 10-11 Back to Bogota and returning to Boston

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